soolaimon (soolaimon) wrote,

Impact of a Film

Yesterday I watched two films, Funny Games and The Man From Nowhere. You can actually watch The Man From Nowhere online at Hulu. Both films were not ones I was eager to see going into, but they surprised my with their powerful presentations. I cannot recommend either enough. Particularly The Man From Nowhere. It's just a perfectly crafted movie. The plot is not necessarily original or unique but it is filmed so well that it surpasses any with a similar premise a thousand times over.

I've also taken up watching several new TV shows: New Girl, Game of Thrones, and Once Upon a Time. All three are refreshing in different ways. New Girl is the first sitcom which actually made me laugh since I was a child. Game of Thrones is just amazing. Period. And Once Upon a Time finally gives me a fairy tale theme to watch every week. Along that vein, I've also started watching Grimm, but it is not as enjoyable for me.
Tags: movie: funny games, movie: the man from nowhere, tv: game of thrones, tv: grimm, tv: new girl, tv: once upon a time
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