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Anime Boston 2010!

So, I went to my first convention ever! Off the bat, I've got to say I had so much fun that I know one way or another I'm going again next year and this time prepared! I decided to go to Anime Boston only a week before and I wasn't prepared at all. Nonetheless, I managed to do quiet a bit.

First, I participated in the blood drive, which is always a good thing to do. There was also a bit of drama as one girl stormed out quiet upset when she realized she couldn't give blood. It's always exciting to see people express their emotions so freely. Then our entire group went to the dance lesson. It was very much a beginners dance lesson and after weeks of being the weakest link on the dance team, it felt good to be able to see other people make mistakes. My friends and I had gone in hopes of attending the Starlight Ball but that plan fell through.

This is when our group split up. My portion went to play some DDR in the video game room; was a pretty long wait but considering you don't have to pay to play, it's worth it. After DDR we explored the dealer's room. I spent $40 in here, which for me is a ridiculous amount. My bank account has been sliced in half this past week between Anime Boston and buying dance shoes. I bought Here is Greenwood poster for $30 (which was tragically bent during the car ride home) and a Gohan keychain for $10.

Three of us went for some more food and then went to watch He Is My Master on recommendation from a friend. Sadly, none of us were particularly impressed and we slept in the back of the room instead. After sleeping through two episodes we moved on to peek into the karaoke room and the manga library. Then we moved on to watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on my suggestion. We watched the first episode and the first half of the second before the big group met up again. From here we changed clothes at the car and watched the winning videos from the AMV contest. Lastly we went to the rave (aka, the informal dance). I'd never been to a rave before and it was pretty crazy and really fun. By the end of the night we were all exhausted and fell to sleep as soon as we got to the hotel. Maybe next year we'll stay for two days?

In summary:
  • Ate fried rice, yummy cream cheese things, & veggies.
  • Blood drive. Took some time but makes me feel good.
  • Dance lesson. Was a bit of a snob but had loads of fun.
  • DDR. Did perfect on one song, failed the other.
  • Dealer's room. Here is Greenwood poster and DBZ keychain.
  • Ate some delicious Indian food. Naan = ♥
  • He Is My Master. Exhausted. Slept through most of it.
  • Peeked into karaoke room and manga library.
  • Watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Love, love, love!
  • Watched some AMVs including the winning AMVs.
  • Raved at the informal dance before passing out.
Things I wished I had done:
  • Cosplayed. A friend was going to let me wear their Tri-edge costume, but I am not a fan of .hack (though my brother is) and I was not familiar with the character. It would have been fun but in the end I did not cosplay. I am thinking of attempting my first cosplay as Haruko from FLCL at ConnetiCon this summer.
  • I wish I had gotten an autograph from Nobuo Uematsu for my brother. He loves loves loves Uematsu's work and would have gone insane happy had I gotten it for him. Sadly, brother did not get any gifts. :(
  • There are plenty of panels I wish I had gone to: Surviving a Zombie Outbreak, Cooking with Manga, RPG's and their Storylines, and most of all Ana's Ikimaru Kabuki Theater Hour. Next year I'm going to look at the list of panels beforehand and get a real sense of what I'll be doing with my time.
That was my adventure at Anime Boston. Next adventure = ConnetiCon!
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