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13 December 2011 @ 04:50 pm
Yesterday I watched the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time. This one was titled "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter." I really enjoyed it! Almost as much as "That Still Small Voice," which was a Jiminy Cricket centric episode. This week's episode focused on Sheriff Graham, aka the Huntsman.

I really liked hearing his backstory and loved his interactions with Emma. It was interesting that he is the first one to truly believe Henry. Of course, it figures that soon after both believing Henry, and approaching Emma in a romantic-like fashion, he dies (although this is TV, so who knows).

It was also disturbing that Regina killed him in Storybrooke. I always had sympathy for Regina as a character, and my sympathy for her allowed me to be moved by parts of the Queen's story too. However, this pretty much seals the deal on her: making her an all-around baddie. I didn't want that for her character, or for the show. It takes away a layer of complexity that gave the show depth.

P.S. I also watched X-Men: First Class again as I've been on an Erik/Charles fandom kick again. I cannot wait to tackle avictoriangirl's list of recs!
10 December 2011 @ 10:40 am
Yesterday I watched two films, Funny Games and The Man From Nowhere. You can actually watch The Man From Nowhere online at Hulu. Both films were not ones I was eager to see going into, but they surprised my with their powerful presentations. I cannot recommend either enough. Particularly The Man From Nowhere. It's just a perfectly crafted movie. The plot is not necessarily original or unique but it is filmed so well that it surpasses any with a similar premise a thousand times over.

I've also taken up watching several new TV shows: New Girl, Game of Thrones, and Once Upon a Time. All three are refreshing in different ways. New Girl is the first sitcom which actually made me laugh since I was a child. Game of Thrones is just amazing. Period. And Once Upon a Time finally gives me a fairy tale theme to watch every week. Along that vein, I've also started watching Grimm, but it is not as enjoyable for me.
05 April 2010 @ 08:55 am
So, I went to my first convention ever! Off the bat, I've got to say I had so much fun that I know one way or another I'm going again next year and this time prepared! I decided to go to Anime Boston only a week before and I wasn't prepared at all. Nonetheless, I managed to do quiet a bit.

Obnoxiously long breakdown on what I did on Saturday.Collapse )

In summary:
  • Ate fried rice, yummy cream cheese things, & veggies.
  • Blood drive. Took some time but makes me feel good.
  • Dance lesson. Was a bit of a snob but had loads of fun.
  • DDR. Did perfect on one song, failed the other.
  • Dealer's room. Here is Greenwood poster and DBZ keychain.
  • Ate some delicious Indian food. Naan = ♥
  • He Is My Master. Exhausted. Slept through most of it.
  • Peeked into karaoke room and manga library.
  • Watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Love, love, love!
  • Watched some AMVs including the winning AMVs.
  • Raved at the informal dance before passing out.
Things I wished I had done:
  • Cosplayed. A friend was going to let me wear their Tri-edge costume, but I am not a fan of .hack (though my brother is) and I was not familiar with the character. It would have been fun but in the end I did not cosplay. I am thinking of attempting my first cosplay as Haruko from FLCL at ConnetiCon this summer.
  • I wish I had gotten an autograph from Nobuo Uematsu for my brother. He loves loves loves Uematsu's work and would have gone insane happy had I gotten it for him. Sadly, brother did not get any gifts. :(
  • There are plenty of panels I wish I had gone to: Surviving a Zombie Outbreak, Cooking with Manga, RPG's and their Storylines, and most of all Ana's Ikimaru Kabuki Theater Hour. Next year I'm going to look at the list of panels beforehand and get a real sense of what I'll be doing with my time.
That was my adventure at Anime Boston. Next adventure = ConnetiCon!
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27 March 2010 @ 09:06 pm
This afternoon I went to go see How to Train Your Dragon. It was absolutely adorable! Everything about it was fun and easy to watch. A few things bothered me (re: sociological implications) but overall it was an awesome movie and I had a really great afternoon.

The weird thing is that I haven't danced today. It feels strange, since this is normally my major lesson day. Tomorrow I will have a chance to practice at least and I'll get to be sized for shoes!
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24 March 2010 @ 11:58 pm
Tonight I watched the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars's 10th season with the university ballroom team. This was the first time I had seen the show and I thought it was really fun. I'm still not very experienced, so most of my opinions are based on those around me. However, I did have a favorite dancing couple (see below, left) and outfit (see below, right).

It's actually pretty intimidating watching this show because after only three weeks, to my uneducated eyes, these stars looked like decent competitive level dancers. I will be in competition a month from now and I'm not confident that I'll be where they got in the same amount of time.

The highlight of the night was definitely the cookies that were served! So yummy: pseudo-chocolate chip M&M cookies.
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